Friday, October 1, 2010

Chanter Work.

It has been a long time since I updated the blog.  Basically, I decided to put-off working with regulator keys in favor of working with chanter and regulator bores.  This included refining my techniques for measuring bores, studying bores, making reamers, and matching reamers to the target bores.  This study in boring has paid off well.  I now am able to produce reamers that more-closely match the bore they should produce, and I can make them more quickly and efficiently than I used to.

 Now that the first set of probes is done, and I can measure the chanters under development, and I have a spreadsheet that can compare the reamers I make to the bore I make, the time has come to rework the chanter design.  I am starting this development phase now, an attempt to develop a concert-pitch chanter.  Like many modern makers, I am aiming for a design that is based on the work of Leo Rowsome.  I will start by making the best copy of a Leo Rowsome chanter that I can, based on some published measurements of bore and tone hole data.