Friday, December 10, 2010

The Chanter

It's December now, and I have been working toward making chanters.    Though I have made a single chanter before, the plan is to make the next one differently.  Before I could finish the chanters, I still needed to finish the reamers, and finish modifying the metal lathe so that I could use it to drill tone holes.   That work was completed last week. Then I began drilling some tone holes.

As of yesterday, I now have a chanter that can be played.  Like my first chanter, this one does not yet have keys.  This second prototype chanter will have three keys, when completed.   This chanter is made from Indian rosewood.

Included is a picture of the tone-hole setup, with the first tonehole, and another of the chanter in its current state of development.  The chanter still needs fine tuning, some mounts, a windcap, keys, ferrules, and finish work.